The Undercurrents Of The Demolition Derby In Ghana – By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Destroyed Staff Quarters of Nigerian High Commission in Ghana
Destroyed Staff Quarters of Nigerian High Commission in Ghana

The key issue for the diplomatic slaps being handed to Nigeria across the landscape is indicative of loss of influence and respect. In the last election in Ghana, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu sniffing for oil concessions backed Mahama with three million dollars ($3m).

He engaged Basorun Dele Momodu to provide PR Services. The Nana Akuffo Addo crowd has been on edge and unforgiving since. They have evidence that Nigerians are interfering again, their elections are due in December. Even Rawlings who is in the opposition, finds Nigerian sleaze money interference in their elections unacceptable.

The anti-Nigerian swing in Ghana today is pronounced. Can Nigeria allow American business men to finance political parties in Nigeria? Connect the dots.

The outside world knows Nigeria does not have a functioning government and that whatever is left of the Nigerian state is imploding. I laugh reading the nonsensical references to International Convention. Sierra Leone commands more respect than Nigeria.

Who will bulldoze the South African or Rwandan High Commission? No one will dare on the African continent. There are consequences to inept leadership. In-house, the anti government demonstrations in the North are under reported. Who will respect a man who cannot take care of his own children and home?

Did anyone notice the structure that was demolished? That cannot be a sensible edifice for a serious country to have as part of its High Commission. The structure is an embarrassment; more of a third rate hostel than anything else. Obviously a whole load of project racketeering is going on as usual. Nigeria is reaping the fruits of its labor.

We don’t have the clout anymore. Cry, if you can muster the tears for what might have been.

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