Menstrual Cups Dilemma: Is My Menstrual Cup Causing Cramps? Here’s Why

Menstrual cup
Menstrual cup

As a woman who experiences period pain every month, surely you wouldn’t want any add-ons to your discomfort, right? It’s the last thing that you would want from your menstrual cramp – to cause cramps.

After all, many women, maybe including you too, have relied on this trusted little pal to our lady flower during the time of the month, which means that stimulating pain from this cup shouldn’t even occur.

However, nothing goes perfectly, and cramps are an unwanted issue that many women are familiar with especially if it’s one’s first time inserting their menstrual cup. And if your menstrual cup does add to your cramps, what can you possibly do?

Well, there’s no need to fret since finding relief is easier than you think. Thus, here is some information about the factors that might be causing your cramps through the use of the menstrual cup.

Wrong Size or Your Cup is Too Big

Know that menstruation cups are not a one-size-fits-all item for all women – and neither is your cervix. So, if you are feeling any discomfort or pain from it, then your first culprit would be the wrong sizing of your menstrual cup.

Especially if you’re a small person that has not given birth yet, then some cups with a large diameter would be too big to fit into your vaginal canal properly, making it push actively against your vaginal canal walls. So, if you’re out choosing your menstrual cup, it might be best for you to select the small size, especially if you haven’t given birth yet.

Wrong Material

In many things that we buy, quality is the most important thing that should be considered, right? And your menstrual cup is not any different from any of those things. This is why when it comes to your menstrual cup, the quality of it matters. Thus, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort that you know that it’s not related to sizing issues, then it may be that the material is to blame.

What you should have known before buying your menstrual cup is its firmness level wherein you should take note about its stiffness or smoothness. Now, if your menstrual cup is causing cramps then you might notice that the cup’s material feels stiff or abrasive to the touch – no wonder you’re uncomfortable and in pain, right?

Your Cup is Too Long

Another “too” in size, why? This is because sizing is crucial when it comes to your menstrual cup. You might have found the perfect cup size for your body, but is it the right length too?

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If your menstrual cup is causing cramps and you think that the culprit is not the material nor the size, then consider checking the position of your cervix to verify whether or not you have a low cervix. Knowing how high or low your cervix is, is an important thing to be aware of since the comfortability of your menstrual cup also relies on this information.

Women with a low cervix tend to more likely feel the friction of any inserted object, which is why a menstrual cup in a smaller size is recommended. Still anxious about the length? No worries! Here’s a simple rule-of-thumb to follow: a menstrual cup that causes the stem to show out of your body is too long. If this is the case then buying a cup in a smaller size is a quick fix.

Cervix Position Changes

The position of your cervix can change throughout your cycle, which is why you might have some cramps on one day in reaction to your menstrual cup, and not on the other day, or any shifting in your menstrual cramps due to your menstrual cup.

Unfortunately, you really can’t do much in regard with this issue, what you could only do is to pay attention to this carefully and monitor it so that you may be able to spot some patterns and you can do something about it.

For example, you only get cramps when wearing a menstrual cup on the first day of your period, but not the second and third. If this is the case for a few periods, then use this knowledge to your advantage by wearing a tampon on the first day and a menstrual cup on the rest of the days.


Menstrual cups might bring a hefty of advantages in bringing women comfort during her period, but just like any other things, it has its disadvantages too. What you can do as a user of this cup is to search more on how to use menstrual cups and how to choose from one cup to another to pick out what’s best for you.

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