Gabon on the verge of legalizing homos*xuality

Gay couple
Gay couple

Gabon’s senate has strongly voted in favour of decriminalising homos*xuality, a week after the lower house in the national assembly voted for a similar change.

If the move is ratified by the president, Gabon will become one of only a few African countries to legally allow homos*xuality.

A number of prominent politicians, as well as Christian and Muslim leaders, have reacted angrily, describing it as a change designed to appease foreign donors.

Last year, the central African nation criminalised homos*xuality and made gay s*x punishable with six months in prison and a large fine. Activists said that the move had sent the LGBT community further underground and had led to harassment.

Many African countries impose jail sentences on homos*xuals, who are in some cases threatened with the death penalty.

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