COVID-19: Saving Nigerians from the Wuhan virus – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Lagos, Africa’s largest city and Nigeria’s economic capital woke up on 31st March, 2020 AD and found herself up against a bright day with rooftops glistening in the sun blazing overhead in the cloudless sky.

Below were traffic-free streets and broadways as the hurly-burly of Lagos life disappeared without trace.

Truth is that Africa’s largest city is on a lockdown with military and other security personnel on strict orders from above deployed all over the city to ensure compliance as the COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus hits the city.


Today, the world faces an existential threat as mankind grapples with this scourge which defies all remedies, fears are rife that man may soon be plunged into extinction as the diesease which is without cure spreads like wildfire around the globe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) having recently declared it a pandemic said the only antidote to this fast-spreading epidemic is simply the observation of basic protective and preventive measures.

Reports say no fewer than 468,644 persons have been infected world-wide and while death toll which stands over 21,000 globally continues to rise in geometric progression.

Among the worst hit countries so far are China, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Iran and the United States.

Official records show that virtually every country in Africa has recorded its first case which continues to rise marvelously.

As the World Health Organisation declares COVID-19 a global pandemic, no fewer than 198 countries around the world, reports say, have so far been affected.

This novel disease has caused quite a stir around the world as scientists have not been able to produce the vacine to save mankind from being plunged into gradual extinction.

One of the devastating effects has been a global decline in manufacturing activities thus raising the prospect of coronavirus plunging the world into another economic recession if not outright depression worse than the Great Depression of 1930s.

Nigeria recorded its index case when a certain Italian business man flew in from the Lombardy region of Italy, beat our porous premier port of entry – the airport of Lagos and moved on to Ogun State before he was intercepted and quarantined at one of Nigeria’s medical facilities in Lagos, South-West Nigeria.

Reports reaching this writer say his condition has improved tremendously and has since been discharged to rejoin society.

Today, Nigeria – Africa’s most populous country – is up against a frightening tick-tock of an impending annihilation as the lethal disease continues to rear its ugly head on the ascending order of magnitude among particularly among the ruling class. No fewer than 120 cases have been confirmed with many yet undetected.

The National Assembly of Africa’s biggest democracy has been shut down as many of our federal law-makers have been reportedly infected.

The Chief of Staff of Nigeria’s President, Abba Kyari, repirts say, is infected amid other ailments that could hamper his recovery.

This, without ambiguity means his chances of recovery are in the lap of the gods. Many other important political figures have been infected by the virus which has forced many state governors to announce a total lockdown of their states.

This death warrant from the world’s second largest economy calls for concern. Concerted efforts have become absolutely necessary, as other advanced countries do, to keep tabs on the activities of the Chinese in their countries.

What agitates this writer is: Could there be something sinister about this death warrant from the Orient which many see as another twist in Sino-American relations considering the hegemonic rivalry and mutual suspicion between the two countries? China, a little bird says, blames the lethal disease on US soldiers who were in Wuhan for military games officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games which ‘BorJoh’ the British Prime Minister frowns on.

Former President Ahmadinejad of the rogue nation of Iran did expressly say the COVID-19 Pandemic is probably a subterranean ploy to economically subjugate the West and that makes two of us as a number of cities are already deserted across continents particularly in Europe and today in West Africa’s finacial capital, the city of Lagos which takes toll on the economy of these regions.

The Asian giant is a country where anything goes in its battle for global dominance. A few weeks ago, three Chinese road construction workers killed some Nigerians and had their organs harvested for sale back home in China. This dastardly act must have been going on until the day they were swooped on.

No responsible government, I dare say, will tolerate or allow these heartless vermin under any guise in its country; Nigeria should not lose anything to chance in that regard.

It is not in dispute Nigeria has an incurable taste for Chinese substandard products which makes China the destination of our importers. Cheap labour, goods and services from China, as a matter of fact should not be allowed to solace us by throwing caution to the winds.

I am surprised, however, that the Federal Government has only just taken a cue from other countries by taking the first and essential step to save Nigerians from the lethal effects of this global scourge.

Other countries as a matter of urgency have halted movement of its people to and from China while Nigeria has just followed suit.

Today this existential threat is already with us and hangs over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles. If Italy one of the most advanced countries in the world which has a world-class health care system could be pushed to a breaking point by COVID-19 pandemic then what about Nigeria whose healthcare system is among one of the world’s poorest?

Iyoha John Darlington is then Edo State governorship aspirant of the Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN).

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